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My Favourite Friendships In Books

There’s always talk about people’s favourite romances in books. Whether it be a blog post about it, or a conversation through twitter. There isn’t much talk about friendships in books, though. I know several people, including me, who like reading books with solid friendships. And we want more! Don’t get me wrong, there will always be…… Continue reading My Favourite Friendships In Books


End Of The Year Anticipated Releases

That time of year is almost here: when we start anticipating the end of the year. Honestly, what? When did this happen? I thought January 1, 2017 was yesterday? Anyways, September-December is my favourite time of the year because September is my birthday month, October is Thanksgiving (YUM), and December is Christmas. I’m sorry, I don’t care…… Continue reading End Of The Year Anticipated Releases


Book Recommendations From Teens

A big topic in the YA book community lately has been about teens. Teens are so extremely important in the book community, and sometimes we feel as though our voices can’t be heard over people older than us. This is a discussion for a whole other post, but, today I will be sharing book recommendations from teens…… Continue reading Book Recommendations From Teens


Let’s Talk About Hype//Discussion

We all know the never ending topic in the book community, hype. I’m here today to discuss my opinions on it within the book community. The question: does hype ruin a book for me before I’ve even read it & after I’ve read it? The answer: Yes. And no. Hype Before I’ve read the book: If there’s a…… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Hype//Discussion