6 Reasons Why Reading With Cats Is Hard

I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I love cats. It’s not like my blog name has the word “cats” in it or anything. Today I’m doing a fun post about why reading with cats can be hard. This could probably be applied to most pets, though, except for maybe a pet fish.

1. Your cat sits on your book

My cats love to cuddle with me. Especially when I’m reading. They probably see me with a book in my lap and think “why is she petting that weird thing and not me?” (even though I am so not petting the book. Actually, maybe I am.) so they continue to sit right on my book so I have no option other than to pet them. IMG_9959 (1).JPG

Yup, this happens daily.

2. You try to take a bookstagram picture of your current read and your cat gets in the way

Don’t argue with me on this one, taking a picture of your current read for bookstagram is a very important step in your reading experience. And every time I’m having a photo shoot, this happens:IMG_6610.JPG

3. This

I think most cat owners will agree.

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

4. Your cat rubs the side of their face on your book

I’m no cat expert, but I’m pretty sure when cats rub the side of their face on something it means they’re marking their territory. No, cats, it’s MY book! Or it means that they want attention. I’m not sure.

5. Your cat chews the pages/cover of your book

My cats usually don’t chew the pages, but I do have a few books with chew marks on the corners of the covers.

6. Your cat sits on you so you can’t get your book

My cats love sitting on me at the worst times. It’s like they know when I’m about to go get my book so I can read. Then once they’re sitting on me I feel too guilty to push them off so I’m stuck with them sitting on my lap.

Do you have a cat? Does this ever happen to you while you’re reading? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

FullSizeRender (14).jpg







7 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Reading With Cats Is Hard

  1. This is a great post Erika!! I can relate to all of these. My cat loves to cuddle when I open my book, so I see her instead of the page. And I end up with cat fur in the pages. 😂


  2. Lol I can definitely relate to most of these! Especially the bookstagram one, my cat ALWAYS likes to walk right through the books/stuff I have layed out while taking my photo. She’ll also sit on my legs or right up against me while I’m reading, so I get stuck in the same cramped position for hours! 😛


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