Review: GIRL OUT OF WATER by Laura Silverman

  • Title: Girl Out of Water
  • Author: Laura Silverman
  • Genre: Contemporary
  • Rating: 4.5/5


Anise Sawyer plans to spend every minute of summer with her friends: surfing, chowing down on fish tacos drizzled with wasabi balsamic vinegar, and throwing bonfires that blaze until dawn. But when a serious car wreck leaves her aunt, a single mother of three, with two broken legs, it forces Anise to say goodbye for the first time to Santa Cruz, the waves, her friends, and even a kindling romance, and fly with her dad to Nebraska for the entire summer. Living in Nebraska isn’t easy. Anise spends her days caring for her three younger cousins in the childhood home of her runaway mom, a wild figure who’s been flickering in and out of her life since birth, appearing for weeks at a time and then disappearing again for months, or even years, without a word. 

Complicating matters is Lincoln, a one-armed, charismatic skater who pushes Anise to trade her surfboard for a skateboard. As Anise draws closer to Lincoln and takes on the full burden and joy of her cousins, she loses touch with her friends back home – leading her to one terrifying question: will she turn out just like her mom and spend her life leaving behind the ones she loves?


I’m so glad I read this book. If it wasn’t for my friends, I probably would’ve skipped over it. I went into this amazing novel knowing next to nothing and I had very low expectations for it. Man, did it exceed my expectations by a lot.

There were more things I liked than not about this book. For starters, Lincoln. He’s my favourite character in the book, and not just because he’s the love interest. Honestly though, all the characters were amazing. They all felt so real and it made the book ten times more enjoyable. For me, characters are one of the biggest factors to determine if I will like a book or not. The other big thing I loved was the romance. I love when books have very solid friendships and no romance, but I also am a sucker for romance. This romance was a very slow burning romance, which happens to be my favourite type. I think the place where the book was set was great. Although it was set in America, like most books, it was set in Nebraska, which is a state you don’t normally see books set in. The last and possibly the biggest thing I loved about this book was that it had diverse representation. Lincoln, the love interest, is a black and disabled teen.

The ONE thing I disliked is that Anise, our main character, was slightly annoying. Most of the first half of the book she was complaining, and then again at the end of the book, albeit with good reason. It was ever so slight though, that it didn’t bother me a great amount.

If you are looking for a fluffy and fast paced read, I HIGHLY recommend Girl Out of Water. 

Have you read GOOW? Did you enjoy it? Let’s discuss!

Disclaimer: I know I’m terrible at writing reviews. This is my starting attempt at improving and it’s taking a lot of courage to show this.

Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Review: GIRL OUT OF WATER by Laura Silverman

  1. I have read GOOW and I loved it!! I’m so glad you ended up loving it as well. Lincoln was my favorite character as well. I think the reason I love the book so much is because of the representation of an amputee.

    I myself am an amputee and I have never read a book like this before.


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