Book Recommendations From Teens

A big topic in the YA book community lately has been about teens. Teens are so extremely important in the book community, and sometimes we feel as though our voices can’t be heard over people older than us. This is a discussion for a whole other post, but, today I will be sharing book recommendations from teens in the YA book community.

Notes: If you click on the titles of the books, you will be taken to the books goodreads page. Some books may be mentioned more than once, but you’ll see why different people love the same book.

The Teens and Their Recommendations

Jill, 17ABookNerdReads


Jill recommends these books because:

“What CAN’T I say about this incredible book? The writing and itself is so poetic, and the compelling storytelling had me binging the entire book in just under four hours. Natasha and Daniel’s story and struggle to be first generation American and yet preserve their family culture is so real and a much needed perspective in YA novels today.”

“I’ll admit, this story is a favourite for much more personal reasons. Being asexual, my perspective is RARELY touched, if at all touched, in most YA books. I didn’t expect to ever see it on the page until I read about Tash. Her take on asexuality is so real and relatable to me, it was as if the same ideas were taken from my own mind and put to words in front of me.”

“THIS BOOK IS SO FLIPPING CUTE. As much as I love and appreciate hard-hitting diverse novels, it’s wonderful to see a story about POC just living their lives and falling in love. I learned so much about Indian culture that I would’ve never experienced from other books.”

Olivia, 16 @ HeirOfGlitter


Olivia recommends these books because:

“The story is unique, and the characters and political intrigue hooked me despite the slower pacing.”

“With an f/f romance and unicorns, I think this book was secretly written for me. It deserves so much more hype.”

“I held off on reading these books for years, assuming they’d be cliché because they were about vampires. I finally decided to give it a try, and the characters witty banter and unbelievable plot twists had me eager for more.”

Ava, 14 @ BookishnessAndTea


Ava recommends these books because:

  • Want by Cindy Pon

WANT is a fast-paced, high-stakes sci-fi heist novel set in Taipei that is reminiscent of Leigh Bardugo’s SIX OF CROWS. It stars a cast of only people of colour as well as queer side characters, and it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I can’t recommend this book enough.”

“This is a heartbreakingly beautiful novel about love, loss, and family. It revolves around a girl named Marin who is feeling lonely at college, and what happens when her ex-best frind comes to visit. It could quite easily make you cry, but the gorgeous writing, story, and characters make it worth it.

“THE ABYSS SURROUNDS US contains queer girls, pirates, and sea monsters. Have I convinced you to read it yet? Okay, but really, I love this book and want everyone to love it too. Just trust me on this one.”

Alex, 17 @ TheBooksBuzz


Alex recommends these books because:

“This book was my first time reading from the perspective of a blind main character. The protagonist was so incredibly strong and tried to overcome the stereotypes against her.”

“This easily became one of my favourites of this year. It follows a bisexual main character and a ton of other diverse characters as our main character, Jordan Sun, is navigating through high school. She ends up disguising herself as a guy to join a male acapella group. This book is about discovering sexuality and learning to be more comfortable in your own skin.”

“This YA novel by a new to me author surprised me so much this year. It follows a girl who trades her heart to a demon in order to escape her horrible situation at home. Little does she know that the deal is more than she bargained for. This is a book about loss, guilt, and the choices we make.”

Liv, 16 @ CurlyHairBibliophile


Liv recommends these books because:

“This book is one of my favourites because it was one of the first times I saw an ace spectrum character, like me.”

“I really think the story and message behind THUG is so important, and that’s why it’s one of my favourites.”

“I love everything about this book. The rep, the characters, and the story line in this book are wonderful. Becky Albertalli could publish her grocery list and I’d read it.”

Tiah, 14 @ ReadWriteFangirl


Tiah recommends these books because:

“This book easily became one of my new favourite YA novels because of the powerful messages it sent and the diversity.”

“A diverse read that is set in the future with cyborgs. I mean, what’s not to love?”

“A sweet contemporary that I could relate to as a fellow blogger.”

Anna, 16 @ ALittleBookWorld


Anna recommends these books because:

“The actual most beautiful book of ever. It has spectacular writing and characters, heartbreak, art, love… it is GLORIOUS.”

“Completely relatable. Filled with wonderful (and diverse!) characters and a plot that makes my heart melt.”

“This one speaks to my fangirl heart. Adorable romance, a cosplay contest, and the classic Cinderella story – but nerd-i-fied.”

Sarah, 14 @ PageSkimmed


Sarah recommends these books because:

“This is one of the best and most complexly built YA fantasy novels of all time.”

“Possibly one of the best historical novels I’ve ever read, AND I DARKEN is super duper underrated.”

“V.E. Schwab is one of the most stunning world-building authors by far. Her books pull you in with the first word and end with you wanting more.”

Ella, 16 @ FictionAndFae


Ella recommends these books because:

“Laini Taylor’s writing style has always been a favourite of mine. She has a way of weaving magic within her books through the words and phrases she uses which is just beautiful! I adore the characters and her whole world of Elsewhere and the Chimera is enchanting.” 

“This book and its sequel, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, are some of the most heartbreaking and phenomenal books I’ve ever read. The characters are so raw and complex and the alternate events of WW2 give a brilliant insight into the Jewish Resistance of the time.”

“I’m not usually a fan of contemporaries but Ramona Blue struck something in me that others haven’t. It discussed the fluidity of Ramona’s sexuality without overly dramatizing the plot and the overall tone of the novel was light and humorous. For me, it was a hugely enjoyable read that discussed important topics in an engaging manner!”

Kav, 15 @ XReadingSolaceX


Kav recommends these books because:

“My favourite series of all-time, a fantasy trilogy set in Victorian England following some of the most realistic and lovable characters I’ve ever read about. This trilogy is the perfect combination of action, romance, humor, and anything else you could possibly want in a book.”

“A YA rom-com that follows two Indian-American teens set up for an arranged marriage, Dimple not being interested in romance and Rishi being a hopeless romantic. This is one of the cutest novels I have ever read, the plot and characters are both incredibly well-developed and enjoyable.”

“A story about three teens, a Chinese-Australian bisexual vlogger, an autistic fangirl, and their best friend who all travel to America for SupaCon, which is equivalent to our Comic Con. This book, like WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, is an incredibly cute story that also tackles some important issues that need to be talked about more in YA literature.”

Maria, 14 @ TheBookishCircus

Maria recommends these books because:

“I love this book because the writing was both beautiful and whimsical; it really gave me the feels. I love the characters and the story line. It’s my FAVOURITE book of all time.”

“I love this book because it is about mental health and the depiction of OCD is a great one. I fell in love with the main character and the plot twist was AMAZING. 10/10 would recommend.”

“I’m a sucker for historical fiction + beautiful writing, which are two words to describe this book perfectly. It was sad, beautiful, and romantic; basically everything good in one book.”

There you have it, the end of this long list of recommendations from teens in the YA book community! I hope you enjoyed all 1600+ words of this.

Have you read any of these books? Thoughts on them? 

Thanks for reading,

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